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Demand for Skilled Leasing Consultants Skyrocketing

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In February’s edition of NAAEI’s Apartment Jobs Snapshot and as reported in Multi-Housing News, 10,224 apartment jobs were available, accounting for 34.8 percent of the broader real estate sector. Kansas City, Mo.; Minneapolis, Seattle, Baltimore and Portland had the highest share of apartment job openings. 

This month’s edition highlights leasing consultants, with market salaries in the 90th percentile reaching $34,047. The demand for skilled leasing consultants was more than twice the U.S. average in Austin, Houston, Orlando, Dallas and Nashville. In addition to requiring typical leasing skills, employers are seeking talent with Yardi Software, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and computer literacy skills. 

Recent uptick in U.S. property management salaries and remote working becoming mainstream; an increasing number of Multifamily Asset Managers are turning to staffing specialists like Extenteam for human resources support. Extenteam clients cite increased team efficiencies and reduced overhead costs as the top two value added benefits of Extenteam. 

With about 80% of the Property Management tasks being done on a computer and about 85% of the Property Management tasks being repetitive in nature, Extenteam dedicated staff become a real extension and benefit to Property Management Teams.

In our recent poll, we asked our clients why they keep working with and recommending Extenteam. Per the data collected, the following four categories emerged: 


Obtain a full-time worker at part-time cost. Extenteam members cost 60% less than a typical US employee.


Significantly reduced the burden of hiring qualified people. Extenteam vets (tests and interviews) job candidates for clients, so clients can focus on growing their businesses. Clients can be up and running with a new and qualified Extenteam member within 2-3 weeks of contacting Extenteam.


Extenteam has programs to motivate and educate their workers, so they happily stay with Extenteam. This resulted in achieving 98% YOY retention rate (data based on existing clients). 


If a client is not happy with their Extenteam staff member for any reason, they can cancel the service anytime. 

Extenteam has been in the industry for nearly ten years providing real people with real skills in property management.  With our skilled network & team management best practices, our goal is not to replace, but rather “supercharge” property management teams, so that the owner-operators can focus on more strategic aspects of their business.

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