Guest Services Specialists For Vacation Rentals

Enhance guest experience, maximize guest enjoyment, ensure 24/7 guest communications coverage.

Our skilled guest services virtual assistants don't pass along guest problems. They solve them.

Extenteam Guest Services Support Benefits:

Quick responses to
guest questions

Via OTA messaging, text, email or phone, during the day or in the middle of the night.

Real hospitality pros,
real solutions

Whether it's hot-tub troubleshooting, lock-code help or an urgent maintenance issue.

Dedicated to guest

Local recommendations and concierge services that enhance guest experience and result in rave reviews.

Building trust, boosting
repeat business

Friendly, professional communication that establishes rapport and drives return bookings.

Tired of handling late-night guest calls?


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Got fewer than 25 properties?

Tailwind is our virtual assistant shared service, tailor-made
for hosts and smaller vacation rental operators.

24/7 Guest

By OTA messaging, text, email, phone or WhatsApp


New bookings, itinerary confirmation, reservation changes


Keyless entry codes, WiFi, HVAC, maintenance issues

More Expertise, More Choices, More Profits In Your Pocket.

Need experienced help?

We've got you covered.