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Outsourcing dedicated and qualified team members for the property management industry

Your success is our sole purpose

Highly Qualified Team Members

We recruit and retain highly experienced, well-educated, and motivated yet affordable team members — not just virtual assistants but real people.

Partner Success Team

Our Partner Success Team works as the primary point of contact for each partner and provides consistent check-ins to ensure they are fully satisfied with their team members throughout the process.

Talent Success Team

Our Talent Success Team works hand-in-hand with the team members to ensure that they are at their peak performance, fully motivated, and acclimated to the company culture.

We act as your trusted partner to find the right team members for your specific needs who become an extension of your business.

1. Identifying Needs

First things first! Our team rolls up their sleeves to understand your industry, market, company, position, and any nuances they need to fully understand your needs and finalize the job description.

2. Recruiting

Our Recruitment Team places the job ad, gathers qualified candidates, and notifies you at each stage of the process.

When the final interview round is completed, we offer the position to the best candidate and endorse them to the Partner Success Team.

3. Kick-Off & Onboarding

Our Partner Success & Talent Success Teams arrange a kick-off meeting right away to introduce you to the new team member. And the onboarding process begins!

We have processes in place that ensure the first 30 days are as smooth as possible for everyone.

4. Performance Tracking

Our Talent Success Team works directly with the team members to ensure that they are all set up. They work hand-in-hand with the Partner Success Team to guarantee that you are fully satisfied with the match.

The Partner Success Team then continues to provide recurring check-ins.

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