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iTrip Park City Soars To New Heights
With Extenteam’s Plug-and-Play Remote Pros

In business for 12 years, iTrip Park City recently experienced a rapid surge–35% growth–in just a year and a half. That’s great news for the small but scaling vacation-rental property management company, which handles 110 properties in one of Utah’s most popular destinations. Accelerated growth, though, can come with growth pains. For iTrip Park City, those pains were felt most acutely in the area of guest care–an area where, fortunately, Extenteam offered the perfect solution.


The Challenge

“I started realizing we’re just a small team,” recounts iTrip Park City senior account manager Ashley Luke. “We only have five people handling owners and guests. It was getting really difficult for us, as we grew, to answer phones, and to maintain the level of customer service we wanted to provide to our guests.”

Especially when it came to after-hours calls and messages. “In the evenings, we’d been working all day. By the time we got an emergency call at 10 p.m, we’d been working all day, and we were all exhausted. No one had the energy to handle it,” Luke says.

And when guest service falters, Luke knows all too well, dips in reviews, return business and revenue can soon follow. Despite the immaculate cleanliness, ample amenities and spectacular mountain views of iTrip’s properties, their ratings started to suffer. “We saw a lot of: ‘It was great, but they’re difficult to get a hold of, we wish we could have reached them more easily,” Luke explains.


The Solution

While Luke’s online research revealed multiple options for solving her guest-services staffing issues, Extenteam was the clear winner.

“The thing we liked the most about Extenteam was they were dedicated employees. Every other call center we were looking at, they were answering our company’s calls and a number of other companies. Or they would just take a message and text us, and we would have to call the guest back when we were available to do that. We needed next level. We needed them to do more than just answer the phone. We needed them to assist the guest from start to finish. Which Extenteam did.”

Ashley Luke

Guest Experience Manager, iTrip Park City

Luke notes that she was surprised and thrilled by how easily the two Extenteam remote team members she brought on integrated into her business. And how adeptly they solved guest issues. Even though they joined the team in the middle of winter season, which is the Park City VRPM’s busiest time of year. “It was trial by fire,” Luke says, “and they hit the ground running.”


The Benefits

Despite a challenging season that saw record snowfall and many of the property problems that come with it–especially roof leaks, and hot tubs that had to be shuttered because of dangerous overhead icicles–iTrip saw guest satisfaction rise. And it achieved a milestone it had never been able to reach previously: Airbnb Superhost status, as well as a sharp rise in five-star Vrbo ratings.

Throughout the curveballs Mother Nature threw at Park City, and iTrip’s properties and guests, this past winter, “Our Extenteam members both did a great job at trying to make sure each guest was comfortable. They follow through and they follow up.Those are the two things that to me are most helpful, because I’ve got so many other things going on.”

Next up for iTrip Park City: More growth. “We’ve already added a couple new properties this month, and we’ll continue to do that throughout the year,” Luke says. On the operational side, in the off season, she plans to occupy one of her Extenteam members in a “more analytical role, where she can help us identify more problems before they happen.

Then, come next winter season, iTrip Park City will be at it again, hosting happy skiers, snowboarders and holiday revelers. And they plan to bring on an additional Extenteam remote team member to make sure that guests, wherever they’re traveling from and however they plan to enjoy Park City’s wintry delights, have the sensational experience they expect, and deserve.