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State of the U.S. Travel Accommodations Workforce Report 2021

Written byextwpusr


You can now download our latest research report analyzing the ongoing recovery of the U.S. accommodations workforce.

Travel demand is quickly rebounding from the near total shutdown of the global economy. While this is certainly welcome news for accommodations providers, the massive labor gap left in the wake of the pandemic will prove difficult, if not impossible, to fill. 

Chock full of data and insights, the U.S. Accommodations State of the Workforce Report addresses many of the questions now top of mind for the industry:

  • Just how big is the accommodations jobs deficit?
  • How many jobs were lost and gained during the pandemic?
  • How long will it take for the industry to return to full employment?
  • How badly were cities and states affected?
  • When will the labor market rebound?
  • How is the workforce gap impacting wages?
  • How will the labor crisis impact the travel industry at large?

Download Research Report & Receive Critical Labor Market Updates:

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