StripViewSuites Finds The Perfect Remote Staffing Fit With Extenteam

With three multifamily buildings and numerous single-family homes in the Las Vegas area, vacation-rental property manager StripViewSuites handles guests from all over the world, all year round. Which means a massive volume of check-ins, check-outs and questions from visitors during their stay. And that requires skilled, dedicated guest services experts. But in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, those experts were hard to find. And harder to hire. Which put StripViewSuites in a tight spot. That is, until they found Extenteam.

As the pandemic wound down and both hospitality operators and travelers navigated the “new normal,” local labor in Las Vegas was in short supply. “Nobody wanted to work,” explains StripViewSuites Customer Service Manager Leiny Balea. The company turned to remote workforce members to pick up the slack, and avoid gaps in guest care, as visitors returned to the bright lights of Vegas.
But, Balea says, while being able to hire remote workers was a welcome solution to a pressing problem, the quality of those workers created new issues. These included lack of technical skill, lack of hospitality experience, and lack of English fluency. On top of that, workers often had issues with WiFi connectivity, resulting in delayed response times and dropped calls with frustrated guests.
Balea recounts that StripViewSuites vice president Jessica Segal first encountered Extenteam on LinkedIn, along with several of Extenteam’s reports on hospitality labor. Then Balea started hearing positive talk at industry conferences about Extenteam. So she dug deeper, exploring Extenteam’s unique Staffing-as-a-Service model and recruitment process. StripViewSuites finally made the switch from their old remote staffing company to Extenteam in April, 2022. And Balea says it’s made all the difference.
While having superb global guest-services staff gives StripViewSuites a leg up on great reviews and return bookings, it’s not the only advantage of partnering with Extenteam. Balea notes, “Communication was a huge issue with our previous remote staffing company. It’s so easy with Extenteam. I’ll shoot an email and I’ll get a reply right away. That was not the case before.” Then there’s the full-service staffing solution Balea and her in-house management staff get with Extenteam: “They do everything. We don’t have to do any of it.” Which leaves them more time to do what they do best–growing their business, and their bottom line. And that’s a big reason why, Balea says, she’ll stick with Extenteam for the long haul, as StripViewSuites continues to add properties to a portfolio that has already more than doubled in the past two years: “We expect to grow with Extenteam. We really like the structure of Extenteam’s remote team, and as we need to, we’ll fill more roles with Extenteam members.”

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