Live Webinar: Travel Surge Brand Strategies For Vacation Rental Teams


The widely anticipated travel boom is upon us. Vacation home & apartment rental operators now have a unique opportunity to capitalize and scale. Nevertheless, these opportunities come with unique challenges. The entire travel value chain is hungry for your business, and brands need to be smart about how they engage guests. Furthermore, the unprecedented labor shortage is compounding the challenge to create unique and memorable experiences for guests. Get the jump on what to do about it.


This webinar will focus on successful brand building strategies for vacation rental teams, in light of today’s unique, post-pandemic demand market and operating environment. Presenters will focus on the Orlando, Florida region as context for the broader trends and best practices now shaping the industry.

Luke Bujarski, co-founder at Extenteam will lead the discussion and present national and regional labor market data from our ongoing research series, the U.S. State of Accommodations Workforce Report. Dennis Goedheid, Founder and CEO at Casiola Vacation Homes, will offer his ground-level perspective on the Orlando market – the home of Disney; Arthur Colker CEO and Founder of StayFi will offer strategic insights on optimizing guest experience, connectivity, and direct marketing strategy.


Dennis Goedheid


Arthur Colker


Luke Bujarski


Ari Eryorulmaz