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Winds of Change: Agile Staffing Strategies for Seasonal Vacation Rental Markets

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Maine is the state with the highest degree of staffing turnover during low and peak season months.

“Operators in highly seasonal markets need the flexibility to staff up and down as travel demand dictates. Extenteam is here to help.”

With the change of seasons comes a change of pace for many vacation rental managers, particularly if you are operating in a highly seasonal market. 

Travel demand ebbs and flows throughout the year; operators must have the staffing in place to engage guests and to convert inquiries into reservations.

Nevertheless, the traditional method of hiring can be a labor and time-intensive process. Recruitment needs to start way ahead of busy season in order to make time for HR processing, onboarding and training. 

Extenteam full-service remote staffing is here to help. Our team members are highly qualified and ready to start supercharging your guest services & reservations desk in as little as ten days. Our terms are also flexible – month to month with very little upfront costs. 

Working with Extenteam means that you can stay agile with your staffing strategy, while focusing on growing your business. 

Here are just some of the pain points we can take off your plate:

✓ Digging through resumes

✓ Paying for benefits

✓ Troubleshooting the internet

✓ Productivity check-ins

✓ Taking calls on nights & weekends

✓ Tracking hours & schedules

✓ Computers & other hardware

✓ Paying for staffing software

✓ Worrying about retention

✓ Managing expectations 

✓ Negotiating raises & bonuses

✓ Issuing payroll

✓ Paying employer taxes

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