Outsourced Professional Accounting And Bookkeeping For Property Management Companies

Save time and money while growing your business, with our flexible, affordable accounting and bookkeeping services.

Offload tedious financial tasks while improving your operations, owner relations and bottom line.

Extenteam Accounting and Bookkeeping Support Benefits:

Reconcile banks

Our automation posts payments from gateway and OTA channels, making reconciliations a breeze.

Automate owner
statements and payments

We enable you to instantly generate owner statements, and we provide full coverage of accounting on AP & AR to month-end and closing processes.

Connect with
best-in-class solutions

Our accounting system software integrates with  major PMCs and OTAs, plus Quickbooks Online, for streamlined, efficient accounting.

Grow your
bottom line

We take accounting off your plate, allowing you to focus on expanding your portfolios, increasing your revenue and, ultimately, growing your business. 


Tired of books not balancing, month after month after month?


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