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As Your Vacation Rental Company Grows When you have a role to fill in your

In the bustling world of vacation rental management, finding the right team can make or

Are guests or tenants raving about their experience at your properties? Or do you wish

In most regions, the vacation-rental business is a seasonal one. Which means that most vacation-rental

Hosts and property managers who use Hospitable property management software have a new option in

We’re excited to announce that Extenteam has made the Skift Short-Term Rental 250 list! What’s

Repeat bookings are revenue gold for vacation-rental property managers. Why? Because these bookings have a

Whether you measure it by GDP or unemployment, whether it’s a fleeting downturn or a

We spend a lot of time talking to our multifamily property manager partners. And what

Understand the economics behind resident turnover and retention. Watch out for emerging trends and changes.

Increasing Wage Inflations and Workforce Deficit Complicated Finding and Retaining Team Members Demand in the

Translating guest experience into customer satisfaction is key for short-term rental businesses to grow as

For the last couple of years, the hospitality industry has experienced increasing trends in labor

Seasonality is inevitable in the hospitality business and can be particularly challenging in the vacation

“Longer stays are the new normal. This is the time to prioritize and rethink your

“The big COVID aftershock to hospitality will take the form of severe staffing shortages for

In February’s edition of NAAEI’s Apartment Jobs Snapshot and as reported in Multi-Housing News, 10,224

“Will we see more robots or fewer hotels or both?” Luke Bujarski, Co-Founder, Extenteam A

“Growth is great and important especially during the good times. Do what you have to

StayFi StayFi assists with guest experience and direct marketing efforts for short-term rental operators focused

America’s gig economy has been growing exponentially in recent years. In addition to traditional gig

“Guest loyalty leads to more revenue + lower acquisition costs. Extenteam helps drive loyalty by

The recent report by NAA states for every group of 45 apartments at least one

Whether your apartment community has a 19-year-old tenant who plays online video games all day

Maine is the state with the highest degree of staffing turnover during low and peak

The word is out. Airbnb is set to go public. What are the implications for

What is the island effect? Ironically, some of the most desirable places to visit are

Technology startups are approaching things differently these days; vacation rental operators should pay attention. “What

You don’t have to be a Bitcoin fanatic to understand the potential here. It’s hard

Electric vehicle maker Tesla, whose products depend on a network of charging stations, is actively

Local short-term rental business owners and property managers wear many hats to successfully maintain their