4 Digital Tools that Help Short-Term Rental Operators Work More Efficiently

StayFi assists with guest experience and direct marketing efforts for short-term rental operators focused on brand building. The hardware plugs into your existing router allowing your team to capture email addresses of all guests staying with you – and not just the booker. Email marketing is clearly critical for revenue growth and cost reduction. With StayFi, operators can create their own branded ‘splash’ page where all guests log into. This helps ensure that guests remember your brand vs. Airbnb or Vrbo. StayFi also allows operators to manage WiFi networks remotely for trouble shooting and utilization across all properties.  StayFi Access Points also extend WiFi coverage in rentals or across buildings.

Zendesk is a one-stop-shop CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform designed for small businesses. The buzzword here is ‘omnichannel’ meaning that customer conversations can flow across different points of contact, whether it’s email, social media, text, or voice. Zendesk keeps everything on one platform making it easier to streamline operations. Though not designed exclusively for short-term rental operators, the platform has been around since 2007 which has given the team many generations to optimize how each of the modules fit into your business. Pricing is also flexible based on a number of agents depending on the size and needs of your operations. 

Slack took the business world by storm by offering an alternative to email as the main internal team communication channel. This robust messaging app is more live-time than email allowing for instant conversations between teams. Users can also share documents and conversations are stored and organized by business-specific channels e.g. business development, accounting, customer service, etc. Teams can also connect with affiliates and partners by inviting external personnel to dedicated Slack channels.

Breezeway is a property care and operations platform that helps short-term rental operators coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work across properties. COVID-19 has put extra pressure on property managers to ensure cleaning protocols are followed to the letter. Breezeway helps streamline operations by reducing or eliminating the need for spreadsheets, paper checklists, and other manual processes.

These are just few apps that short-term rental property managers can now use to optimize and streamline operations. Extenteam can help you navigate the solutions that make sense for your business.