Extenteam Success Stories

FIBI Vacation Rentals

Outsourcing on their own wasn’t working, Extenteam took over so they could focus back on growing their business.

Red Rock Vacation Rentals

Positive reviews increased and improved labor management.

Why We Chose Extenteam

Learn from 4 valued partners why Extenteam was the right choice.

Del Mar Vacations

Increased Booking Efficiency and After-Hours Coverage.

JZ Vacation Rentals Webinar

Offshore talent helps grow company and streamline operational efficiencies.

Discover how Tropical Escape Vacation Homes overcame local staffing challenges and late-night guest care gaps with Extenteam dedicated team members

With three multifamily buildings and numerous single-family homes in the Las Vegas area, vacation-rental property manager StripViewSuites handles guests from

In business for 12 years, iTrip Park City recently experienced a rapid surge–35% growth–in just a year and a half.

Q: When is a vacation-rental guest not a vacation-rental guest? A: When that guest loves their experience so much they

At Extenteam, we help single-family and multifamily property managers reach a remote workforce of highly qualified team members so they

Our case study explains how our client with 3000 keys saved more than $80,000 per year, simply by reaching out